Route 66 Drive-In ready for the Summer season

CARTHAGE, Mo. — A year after local drive-in theaters were one of the only spots for entertainment during the pandemic, one is getting ready, once more, for cars to fill up the lot this Summer.

Nathan McDonald says it isn’t so much preparing for the expected this, but rather the unexpected.

Nathan Mcdonald – 66 Drive-In Owner, said, “Last year was a very interesting experience because we had kind of the good of being able to still operate and show films and being able to distance. But the bad in the realization that that’s the world that we’re in at that specific time.”

Although Carthage’s 66 drive-in was able to keep afloat last year during the pandemic, bringing people movies when they couldn’t go to regular theatres, the worry has shifted toward operations this season.

“We are concerned about this year. We knew last year in the world of Covid, we knew what was going to happen in the film companies, we knew what we were gonna do as a venue, we knew how we were going to operate, we knew how we were gonna run. This year there’s a lot more unknowns.”

Those uncertainties come with the film industry and films going directly to streaming services and theaters at the same time.

“We’ve never had that happen before, we don’t know what that impact overall is going to look like. We also don’t know the movie content that’s going to come out. If we don’t progress as a society in the Covid world that we’re in, then the film companies are going to continue to push films further out into the year where I don’t get them.”

Although there’s concern about not getting access to all the movies, McDonald is confident in one thing.

“I have a feeling we’re gonna be in the world of a little bit of new here, and a little bit of retro here. Kind of back and forth so we can have something to show every weekend and keep people engaged.”

McDonald adds that although covid restrictions are becoming lighter, they will still be following C.D.C. Guidelines. 66 Drive-In will be opening back up this Friday where they will be showing Tom and Jerry and Godzilla vs. Kong through Sunday.

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