Jasper County Sheriff's Office making equipment upgrade

JASPER COUNTY, Mo. — The Jasper County Sheriff’s Office is upgrading a vital system.

What is new for the agency?

The sheriff’s office is getting a new radio system. They will soon be connecting to a Missouri wide system.

Randee Kaiser, Jasper County Sheriff, said, “One of the things we want to do is obviously provide is of good a communication as we possibly can between our officers and between dispatch because that is our lifeline.”

The Jasper County Sheriff’s Office recently signed a contract for Motorola radios and will be moving to the statewide moswin system.

“Its provides us with interoperability to be able to talk statewide. We travel across the state for example we will be able to be in radio communications with Jasper County for that entire trip. If we leave the county on an emergency call we would still be in radio communications and it still provides us interoperability with Joplin Police Department as well.”

The sheriff’s office is buying 80 portable radios and 60 mobile car radios. The new radios are bigger and have a shutoff safety feature in case a deputy loses a radio or one is stolen.

“Its important because obviously if someone gets pulled over that shouldn’t have it we wouldn’t want them to listen to our communication and worse yet transmit their own communication over our system.”

The new equipment means Jasper County Emergency Services will also be getting two new consoles so they can communicate with each other.

April Ford, Executive Director of Jasper County Emergency Services, said, “We’re really excited about what that is going to look like and the coverage they’re going to have. The upgrades on the radio system are very important anytime law enforcement agency, fire or medical changes or goes to a new system its very important that we can communicate with them well.

The new radio system will cost the sheriff’s office $180,000 per year. Both agencies are hoping to make the switch by June or July.

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