Bomb squad called to Lamar on Friday

LAMAR, Mo. — An early morning call led law enforcement to investigate a possible bomb at a convenience store in Lamar.

Around 7:30 this morning, Lamar Police responded to a call at the Casey’s convenience store on 160 Highway. A man had entered the store shouting erratically that someone had put a bomb in his car.

Police closed 160 highway between gulf and lexington. Upon further investigation, there was suspicious wiring running throughout the car.

The Springfield Fire Department and Bomb Squad were called in and deployed a robot inside the car and determined there was no bomb.

Joe Moore – Lamar Chief of Police, said, “The gentleman had wires in his vehicle to run different things, the fan and the lights, things like that in a different manner so he could run them off of toggle switches.”

Chief Moore adds that the man has had previous run-ins with the law and is currently undergoing a psych evaluation at a local hospital.

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