Lamar Food Distribution Center Receives Double the Donations

(LAMAR, Mo.) Helping people out is the number one priority for one Southwest Missouri food distribution center. And to their surprise, they’ve received more help this year than others.

“It’s just unbelievable how many people are stepping up and donating things,” says Lamar Good Samaritan Shop Director Chris Elswick.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Lamar Good Samaritan Shop Director Chris Elswick says that they have received double the donations than they have in previous years.

“We got cash donations from individuals that stepped up and wanted to give food to make sure kids had food, another one designated it to just go wherever we needed it, we’re getting a $10,000 donation here, and another $10,000 we’ve had a number of donations in meat,” Elswick says.

While these donations help more than just people in Barton County, their priority is people in their community, like Dian Schneider.

“I brought my mother with me this time. My mother will not accept charity. I just told her ‘get in the truck, we’re going somewhere’, and she doesn’t eat much because she can’t afford it,” Schneider says.

While many people can’t afford food or get help with their utilities, the Lamar Good Samaritan Shop has also received a grant of $9,000 from The Community Foundation of the Ozarks to help the cause.

“That went to help people, mainly senior citizens on their utilities, a lot of them were having difficulties, so we contacted churches, the city, Golden City, Liberal and Lamar and they gave us people that were really needing help,” Elswick says.

“I’ve ben helped out a lot by this Good Samaritan place, and I make sure I visit all the time and buy knick-knacks and things to help them to support the good pantry,” Schneider says.

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