Ronald McDonald House operation storage move

JOPLIN, Mo. — Employees from a couple of companies in southwest Missouri volunteered their time and services, today, at the “House that Love Built.”

They represented the “Burns and McDonnell” construction company and “Capital Electric” – and were at “the Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Four States” to take part in “Operation Storage Move.”

And they did plenty of work – both inside and out. From planting – to roof and electrical work.

Shirley Hylton, Program Coordinator, Ronald McDonald House of the Four States:
“For safety reasons we really wanted professionals that were used to climbing heights and had the safety gear and it was kind of scary to see someone on a tall ladder so with their equipment they can and they’ve knocked out already half the house already and they’re going to clean the gutters as well.”

Hylton hopes they’ll be back later in the year to hang Christmas lights.

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