JACC promotes open work spaces

JOPLIN, Mo. — Want to start your own business without breaking the bank?

The Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce is showing off two coworking spaces inside the Newman Innovation Center.

The collaborative spaces are ideal for aspiring and existing entrepreneurs as well as remote workers.

Doug Hunt says it’s a great way to go into business without breaking the bank.

Doug Hunt, Director of Entrepreneurship, Joplin Chamber of Commerce:
“The benefit of being part of the coworking system here at the Newman Innovation Center is free WIFI, no utility cost, no long term lease, it’s month to month a uh hot desk, what ever is available at the time is a 150 a month, dedicated desk is 250 or if somebody just wants to come in for a day it’s 25 dollars”

For more information on the coworker spaces follow the link here.

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