Pittsburg Earth Day celebration hopes to focus on local businesses

PITTSBURG, Ks. — Sustainability is the name of the game for the Pittsburg community’s upcoming Earth Day Celebration.

The city’s third Earth Day Celebration is in a couple of weeks – and will culminate with something called, Earth Day Sales on Saturday, April 24th. Thus, the Pittsburg Sustainability Committee is hoping local businesses will participate.

Specifically – stores and restaurants that carry sustainable brands along with their local products.

Brittan Brenner, Pittsburg Community Development Specialist, said, “Vendors will be offering sales on their sustainability lines, their brands that are sustainable, as well as just promoting shopping local, because it is sustainable and the practice of just buying things where you live and relying on your local community to fulfill the needs that you have in life.”

Discounts will only be available on that Saturday, April 24th.

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