Joplin Public Library to help educate public on phishing scams

JOPLIN, Mo. — The Joplin Public Library has an event coming up that can help you learn to avoid online scams.

This Thursday at eleven a.m. the library will be going live on their Facebook page. The event will have an attorney from the Federal Trade Commission who will be giving tips on how to avoid phishing schemes.

You don’t have to be a member of the Joplin Public Library for this event. It is free for anyone to join.

The library’s PR and Marketing Assistant Chelsey Gatewood says that it’s important for them to have this event because they believe that phishing schemes are something people in the community need to be aware of.

Chelsey Gatewood – Joplin Public Library PP And Marketing Assistant, said, “We do believe there is a danger of online scams for lots of people in our community that might not be super comfortable with the online communities, so we really just want to connect all of our public with things they need.”

Gatewood adds that if you happen to miss the live event, they will be uploading it to their Facebook page

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