Several prizes for Easter given out by Mirza Shriners

PITTSBURG, Kan. — A local organization gave away prizes to dozens of kids at an Easter egg hunt Saturday afternoon.

Mirza Shriners of Pittsburg has been hosting their Annual Easter Egg Hunt for 14 years.

Some eggs contained candy inside while others let the kids know of bigger prizes that awaited them.

The biggest prize was a brand new bicycle which one young man was able to take home.

Jason Johnson, Captain of the Guard, says, “We have footballs, baseball sets, basketballs, soccer balls, bubbles and chalk—just lots of stuff for all different ages. We have children from birth all the way up to 10 years old, so we have lots of variations of stuff for the kids to have and enjoy.”

Mirza Shriners raises money for 22 children’s hospitals across North America.

Later in the year, they plan to hold a sporting goods raffle to help their cause.

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