Carthage Church opens doors for Easter after last year’s virtual service

CARTHAGE, Mo. –Last year, due to the pandemic, most churches were closed like many other things, and church-goers watched their Easter Sunday services online.

One pastor, Jake Wright, said they were celebrating virtually, but it wasn’t the same.

“So last year, all the churches were having to do the live streaming thing. that was still good. But there’s no replacement actually being able to gather physically with your church family,” Wright said.

Although, he said one positive outcome from this was their message actually reaching more people than they would normally.

“So we had everybody jump on Facebook Live and some people were able to project it up on their tv screens…and it was really an amazing thing. in some sense because I think churches were able to reach more people on a Sunday morning doing a Facebook live than they would have on an ordinary Sunday.”

But with Missouri’s reopening, they were able to host an Easter service in person this year.

One church-goer says he’s happy he was able to come back in person.

“We did what we had to do and that was through live-streamed on television and it was kind of sad that you couldn’t meet together on Easter Sunday, and this year it’s just been wonderful because the weather is beautiful.”

Wright added that for those who still don’t feel comfortable coming in person, they no longer do live streams, but they do air their services on the radio.


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