Little House Journals aims to collaborate with local artists

JOPLIN, Mo. – One small business from Nevada, Mo came out to the Joplin Empire Market today to sell their hand-sewn journals, sketchbooks, and other items.

Little House Journals is a small business in Nevada, owned by a husband and wife duo, that loves to make stationery items.

Cody Martin and her husband started making journals and cards as a hobby, then started selling them, and their business has been growing ever since. So much that they are starting to collaborate with other local artists. 

“We’ve got some other artists we were starting to collaborate with to bring in some other designs. We’re really passionate about supporting creatives in any way that we can to help them get their work out there too. And we didn’t see that coming. It’s just kind of bloomed in this business,” Martin said.

The name Little House Journals comes from their own little house that they live in. Martin said living in a smaller home is what makes their business possible.


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