Joplin School Board candidates talk backgrounds

JOPLIN, Mo. — The April election is just days away. We continue our focus on the Joplin School Board race.

John Hird, Candidate, said, “My wife and I moved to Joplin back in 2003 – we’ve enjoyed living here. Great people, great community. We live I think in a great family first, family centric community. We’ve been a proud member of the community. We’ve raised four daughters here over the last 20 years so it’s been a great experience.”

Rylee Hartwell, Candidate, said, “I’m a lifelong resident of Joplin; I’m a graduate of Joplin schools. I work at Missouri Southern so I interact with a lot of Joplin students every day. And for me, my connection is to better our community.”

Joshua Bard, Candidate, said, “I’ve been here my entire life except a couple of years – my grand-daughter goes to Stapleton and my youngest boy is in high school right now. So I’ve got, I guess I’ve got some weight when it comes to running for school board.”

“Our students are the most important. We always have to be kid focused. But you have to find a balance among all of the three so I truly don’t believe any of them are more important, I think first and foremost students are the most important for us,” said Hartwell.

“Our children are the first priority; their safety and their education are among the top priorities. And then our teachers and our administration. And in my opinion one of the best administrations in the area. So our teachers, our students come number one and our teachers number two,” said Bard.

“The first thing we do is lean in on what exactly is working and effective in getting our kids educated. I think you have to have open conversation, again very transparent on what works and what doesn’t work – and the things that don’t work we should stop funding that. The things that are working, that’s where you would put your resources,” said Hird.

Election day is April 6th.

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