Better Business Bureau warns about Missouri marijuana card company


PINEVILLE, Mo. – Julie, a Pineville, Missouri woman, is one of many people who reported the Missouri-based mogreencard.com to the Better Business Bureau.

“Each consumer who filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau told us they paid the company anywhere from $200 to $300 for services, and then consumers said those services were not rendered. Mogreencard.com has an F rating which is the lowest on the Better Business Bureau’s scale,” said BBB Regional Director Stephanie Garland.

Julie didn’t want to give her last name but says she used mogreencard.com to help her friend with medical issues get a medical marijuana card.

She says following a meeting with a doctor where her friend got certified, mogreencard.com was then supposed to complete the card application and file it with the state.

“We tried many times to follow up with the state to see if the application had been filed and we just hadn’t been notified. Also, we reached out (to the company) by phone, by email, and then we gave it a few days to allow them to respond, but after that we still weren’t getting anything. At this point, the certification had expired,” said Julie.

Julie says with the company ignoring her, her options were limited to filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and leaving a negative review online, all while her friend suffered without his medicine.

“He felt very hopeless. He was trying to do things correctly, the way the state wants you to do it. And with money already tight, you’ve already paid these people and they’re not responding, it’s a very depressing feeling,” said Julie.

Julie says the company eventually made things right, but she won’t be doing business again with them in the future.

And on their website, mogreencard.com simply has a press release stating that they couldn’t handle the patient demand and didn’t have the technology to support it, which is why they’ve reached out to another company for assistance.

If you’d like to read that press release, click here.


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