COVID-19 hospitalizations see small rise in numbers

Joplin’s COVID-19 hospitalization numbers fluctuated, a rise at Joplin hospitals, comprising of Freeman, Mercy, and Landmark. As of Tuesday, March 30, there is a 15-hospitalization occupancy of COVID-19 patients in Joplin’s hospitals. This is two more than the occupancy number from two weeks ago on Tuesday, March 16.  

This number reflects the number of patients currently being treated with COVID-19 at the three previously mentioned hospitals. The 15-hospital occupancy includes residents outside Joplin city limits. As of March 30, there are five Joplin residents hospitalized due to COVID-19. This is three more than the number from Tuesday, March 16

According to the Joplin COVID-19 Dashboard, last updated Tuesday, March 30 at 10 p.m., there have been a total of 5,961 cases of the Coronavirus in the city. Joplin has 23 active cases, a decrease of eight from 31 cases two weeks ago. There are 5,809 inactive cases in the city and 129 deaths, which is two additional deaths since two weeks ago. There have been 10 new cases of COVID-19 in the last day, 22 cases in the last seven days, and 47 cases in the last 14 days.  

The dashboard’s graph shows the low number of cases in Joplin is staying fairly consistent from over the past month, as compared to months previous to mid-February. Residents in the age group 20 to 29 continue to have the highest number of Coronavirus cases in Joplin, with 1,269 cases—11 more cases than last week. Those in the age group 30 to 39 are second-highest, with 875 cases—seven more than last week. And those under 20 are close behind, with 840 cases—five more than last week

The city is still in Phase 2—Step 4 of the Joplin Plan for Response and Recovery. Joplin opened vaccine eligibility to Phase 1B—Tier 3 of the COVID-19 vaccine distribution mid-March. This means those within this tier are eligible for their vaccine. This includes those deemed “Critical Infrastructure,” such as individuals in education, childcare, the communications sector, government, and various other sectors.  

The city has also opened vaccine eligibility to Phase 2, which includes those deemed “Equity and Response Recovery.” This includes individuals in libraries, the chemical sector, food and agriculture sector, construction sector, higher education, and several other sectors. Phase 3, which encompasses the remainder of the population, opens for vaccine eligibility April 9. 

In regard to vaccine clinics, the city is continuing to offer clinics to its residents. Check the City of Joplin’s website for information on future vaccine clinics. 

For more information regarding Missouri’s vaccination plan, visit their COVID-19 website, which also provides a map of current and future vaccinators within the state. 

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