The Jasper County and Newton County Republicans are hosting their Annual Lincoln Days Event

JOPLIN, Mo. — Saturday night the top elected Missouri officials are in Joplin for an Annual Southwest Missouri Political Event.

The Jasper County and Newton County Republicans are hosting their Annual Lincoln Days Event.

Last year’s Lincoln Days was canceled because of Coronavirus.

Governor Mike Parson, Lieutenant Governor, Mike Kehoe along with State Treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick, Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft and Representative Billy Long were in attendance.

The Lieutenant Governor says tonight they will discuss the difference between Missouri compared to other states.

Mike Kehoe, Missouri Lieutenant Governor, says, “Certainly what’s happening in washington d.C. And the massive spending bill they passed today is concerning for us as conservatives. And missourians they know how to work, they want to work and we don’t need these big bailouts from DC.”

He says they want to win back Republican House and Senate seats to take control of both the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives in 2022.

Meanwhile the Missouri State Treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick says Missouri’s economy is in good shape compared to others.

He says its because of budget decisions at the start of the pandemic to reduce spending last fiscal year.

Scott Fitzpatrick, Missouri State Treasurer, says,
“The State Treasury is in very good shape. We actually have a lot of cash right now and are poised to have a really good budget year. Our general assembly is working on the fiscal year 2022 budget right now and we are in a situation where revenue is coming in better than we anticipated.”

Sunday night’s fundraiser will help the Jasper County and Newton County Republicans.

280 people were in attendance for Lincoln Days.

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