MSSU holds Dress To Impress event

JOPLIN, Mo. — It normally takes more than a diploma for college students to land that first job. Of course, they need to also look the part. For students at Missouri Southern – they can take care of the latter, at no cost to them. And it’s all thanks to an annual event.

Edxel Morales, MSSU Junior, said, “Super helpful, you know kind of living on a college budget you can’t really afford this so this is awesome.”

Edxel Morales is talking about the 7th annual Dress To Impress event on the campus of Missouri Southern State University. It’s a free service put on by the university and the Young Professionals Network. Donated items – some of them brand new – all available for MSSU students and alumni who are looking for that first professional outfit, or are wanting to simply add to their wardrobe.

“It really is a privilege to have this, the University to host this for students, I think this is a huge plus, I always hear it turns out super well, and from coming from this experience my first time this is real, this is awesome.”

Over the last several weeks, individuals and businesses have donated clothing, shoes, and accessories.

Faustina Abrahams, MSSU Director of Advising, Counseling & Testing Services, said, “It would have been tremendous, being able to feel comfortable in the clothes that you wear, it gives you the confidence when you are looking for a job, it gives you the confidence when you start working.”

Faustina Abrahams is a Southern grad and employee and wishes the event would have been in existence when she was a student here. She’s donating her time at the event as a way of giving back to the university. And would probably be doing so even if she didn’t work at Southern.

“I raise two boys, and so I know what it is like when they got their first jobs.”

Because of social distancing practices, this year’s event will span 3 days – so students still have the opportunity to shop Thursday and Friday.

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