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Good Thursday night!  I hope you have had a great week so far.  Mine has been busy but good.  The weather has been so nice the past few days.  I got out and grilled some drumsticks between newscasts tonight.  Now, we are going to see some changes the next couple of days.  Before we jump into the month long, lets take a look at this weak system moving in on Friday.  Clouds continue to increase tonight with some light scattered showers especially late tonight.  By morning, we will have light scattered showers.

These light showers will continue into the early afternoon.

I do think most of these will roll out of here by late afternoon.  Rainfall amounts will be very light.  We clear out for the weekend with temperatures near 60 degrees, so not shabby.

Month long.

I do all of my long range forecasting based off the Heady Pattern.  The Heady Pattern is a pattern that I found back in 1999.  I researched hard over the years to come and still learn so much each and every year that passes.  The pattern sets up each and every year by the 3rd week of September.  This pattern last until the following August.  At that point the old morphs into the new over the next 7 weeks.  In the pattern is a recurring cycle.  The cycle can be anywhere from 40 days upwards of 70.  This years pattern is right about 46 days.  Maybe a hair below at about 45.8 days.  This means a storm system that rolls through will return 46 days later.  It will change a bit due to seasonal changes.  We also have the influence of La Nina with this years pattern.  We are now in Severe weather season until June 10th.  This month we will have 3-4 shots for some stronger thunderstorms.  Possibly even severe.  Lets look at next week.

60s and 70s most of the week with a few showers late Tuesday.  Scattered showers on Wednesday and thunderstorms on Thursday.  Some of these storms could be stronger or even low grade severe on Thursday.  We will watch this over the next week.  Cooling down and some showers on Saturday. Lets move to week 3.

We start the week off with gaining and extra hour of evening daylight.  However, we do lose an hour of sleep.  Warm up for St. Patrick’s day with chances for thunderstorms that could be strong to severe.  In that pattern, this is the storm system that gave us tornado warnings back on January 30th.  Cooling down for a couple of days before we warm up for the weekend.

A mild start to the week with showers on Sunday that will cool us down for Monday and Tuesday.  Back to mild temps with thunderstorms late Wednesday and Thursday.  This will also give us a slight risk for severe thunderstorms.  Much colder temperatures heading into the weekend that will last for a few days.  Lets look at the last week and first week of April.

We warm right back early in the week with thunderstorm chances and a severe threat on Wednesday.  Much cooler temperatures back in again the rest of the week with showers, maybe even a rain snow mix by the weekend.

Enjoy your Friday!





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