SEK high school opens 'Viking Store'

PARSONS, Ks. — A new store at one Southeast Kansas high school is doing a lot more than simply selling notebooks and school swag.

Marion Ryan, Parsons High School Student, said, “We had this same type of system in middle school but they definitely didn’t offer as much.”

A big project is finally completed at Parsons High School.

Brooke Hopper, Communities In Schools In Mid-America, said, “Today actually is our grand opening of our Viking Store.”

But it’s more than just another school store, it’s an incentive store.

“We took an idea from the past that had Viking gear. And we expanded it a little bit and we added in our basic needs that communities and schools in the stores.”

Students work here during the day, can earn virtual money to spend it at the store on either incentive items or basic needs. This could include food, school supplies or even hygeniene products, all at no actual cost. A new resource is there for those in need.

“Sometimes our families don’t have access to these resources or they don’t have the transportation to get there, we don’t have any city transportation aside from one city van that goes around and if our students can get them here at school and take them home to their families, its just one more way that they can get these products and resources in their homes.”

If a student can’t work at the store, the school is still making sure they will still have money for those needs.

“Our teachers went in and were able to hand out Viking Bucks to students for different reasons and leave positive notes, just little things they appreciate about the students.”

Creating a store for everyone, to work hard, and have what they need.

“Families who don’t have money at home to afford these type of things, I think it’s nice that they can come to school and get it for free,” said Ryan.

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