Charity making their own dog treats to raise money for a good cause

PINEVILLE, Mo. — A local charity is making their own dog treats to raise money for people with disabilities receive a service dog.

Joel and Danea Key started the Saber Life Foundation last Spring when their daughter, Gracie, was matched with a service dog.

Service dogs cost about $3-5,000 plus $25,000 for training.

To help pay the bills, the couple decided to make their own dog treats that come in 7 flavors ranging from Peanut Butter Pumpkin to Chick O’Nut twists.

It became a hit with the community so they decided to make their project into a charity to help raise money for local veterans and disabled individuals that needed a service dog.

Joel and Danea Key Founders, says, “It does it does get very emotional because we’ve walked in those shoes and so many other people that need these service dogs and we now have that for our daughter so we do it gets so—very emotional.”

So far the couple has helped 3 people receive a service dog in the Four State Area.

If you would like to volunteer or purchase dog treats, you can call 417-365-6917 or visit here or here


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