Baxter Springs man gives back to his community

BAXTER SPRINGS, Ks. — A Baxter Springs man is taking a creative approach to help his community.

Over the next month, Insurance Agent Todd Webb plans to donate his earnings on new policies to local charities. At first, it will start at 50%, but if he manages to set up 10 or more new policies – he plans to increase the donation to 100%. Webb wanted to use this as an opportunity to help charities who might have been affected by the pandemic.

Todd Webb, Insurance Agent, said, “The last year has been difficult for a lot of these groups, so I just wanted to bring attention to those and also do something that can means on giving to them as well and maybe draw attention to them from the greater community that there’s still a need for these organizations.”

Proceeds will go towards Dream Big Little One, The Foster Closet Cooperative, and local food pantries.

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