Broadband expansion coming to Barton County

BARTON COUNTY, Mo. — No one likes it when their computer is buffering or they drop a phone call. Residents of Barton County may now see less of that.

The excitement is real in Barton County as it’s been a long time coming for a next level internet experience.

Astra Ferris – Barton County Chamber of Commerce CEO, said, “For many years the chamber and local leaders have been working to really gather high speed internet and attract high speed internet company to our community, and we finally have that.”

“Not just for home owners, but for businesses and schools, this high speed internet makes everything as easy as a click of a button.”

“So many facets that’s gonna help. Whenever you think about distance learning, internet is key. Whenever you think about attracting that next manufacturing business into a community, internet is also key.”

Whisper Salesman Thomas Davenport says this will help better the community.

Thomas Davenport – Whisper Outside Salesman, said, “We’re excited to be expanding all the way to Southwest Missouri and Barton County. We’re already in the Joplin and Neosho area, but we’re excited to allow for these communities and for people to connect and grow their households and businesses.”

In the past many houses and businesses didn’t have this option.

“We’re a very rural county that’s spread out wide open spaces. So depending on where you were there were some businesses they didn’t have the option to have a DSL type of internet,” said Ferris.

But now with three towers around the county households and businesses that sign up will be able to see the results of high speed internet.

“We’re on the MFA elevators in the Southside of town, We are in Irwin, there’s an MFA office there, we’re right in the center of Irwin, and after you go East of Lamar, we also have one off of highway HH,” said Davenport

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