Southwest City middle school students help patients at Arkansas Children's hospital

SOUTHWEST CITY, Mo. — Some local middle school students are learning how to do some good for others.

Natalie Cejudo, 8th Grade, said, “Like when I started it I thought it was going to be hard because I never did it, but then I got the hang of it.”

Students in Southwest City who are part of the home economics class weren’t able to cook or do normal activities. Now they found a way to make homemade hats for infants and toddlers at the Arkansas Children’s Northwest Hospital in Springdale.

“I feel like this is important because they like need something and how the pandemic is going probably the parents won’t be able to buy their kids something and I feel like they could appreciate this and we can learn this experience to help other people too.”

Students use round plastic looms material and there are many tools that the kids have to use to make these creations.

“We use a loom, needle, and my hands.”

Most of the kids didn’t know how to knit and they can share their skills and teach their families at home.

“Yeah my grandma. She knows how to do it and I help her sometimes.”

Teachers want students to learn not just how to knit but to help others in the process.

Elaine Ankins, Home Economics Teacher, said, “We do it because 7th and 8th graders are pretty egocentric time in our lives and we need to do things for other people so in doing–in knowing that we need to do things for other people we make these hats and donate them so they are learning a skill and learning that it feels good intrinsically to give to others.”

Students have even made fabric masks, and hope to continue helping families in need.

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