Carthage students and parents craft belated Valentine's Day cards for seniors

CARTHAGE, Mo. — Students and parents in an area school district have been on a mission to make some special cards for seniors in their community.

Blake and Brady Cloud are among a host of students in the Carthage school system that spent part of their snow days making valentine cards for residents.

Blake Cloud, Carthage 5th Grade Student, said, “The past few weeks I’ve understood you know how much the senior citizens are dealing with you know with not seeing people, I, I, always get kind of sad whenever we’re walking by and we see someone waving in the window.”

Brady Cloud, Carthage H.S. Sophomore, said, “A lot of senior citizens have not been able to receive love and Valentine’s from people that they love, and with all the kids, all the pre-schoolers making Valentine’s for them it will help put a smile on their faces during these troubling times.”

The idea for the cards came from St. Luke’s Board Member Scott Goade, who’s wife runs the parents as teachers program in Carthage. She put it on the P.A.T. Facebook page and it went viral throughout the school system from there.

Scott Goade, St. Luke’s Board Member, said, “The original idea was to reach out for our St. Luke’s residents, had no idea that this was going to explode into such a remarkable community outreach, it’s been said before that we can’t wait to see the faces and the smiles from just this simple community project of outreach.”

Now obviously these greetings were supposed to have been delivered by Valentine’s Day, but Mother Nature just wouldn’t cooperate.

In the end, there were enough cards to deliver them to all senior facilities in town. Helen Hubbard is one of the residents in St. Luke’s and says she doesn’t mind a bit if the cards are a few days late, she says it’s the thought that counts.

Helen Hubbard, St. Luke’s Nursing Home Resident, said, “It just gives you a little thrill that there are people and children, it’s fun.”

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