Water service restored in Carterville

CARTERVILLE, Mo. — Water is back on for Carterville residents after the city has been without water for a week.

City leaders say last Monday they had several main breaks and the cold temperatures caused residents to run faucets, which then caused the well to break. The city put in a new well pump and started filling the well this afternoon. They say it will take time for the water pressure to be back to normal and they are asking residents to be patient and to be on the lookout for leaks.

Cris Henkle, Mayor Pro Tem and Councilperson, said, “The air warms faster than the ground does so as the ground is warming up then we might see more breaks. At this point in time we have two small ones they’re not mains in the street, but as we pressurize we might see more breaks.”

Crews from Webb City, Carthage, and Jasper County are on standy to help with shutting off homes that are experiencing leaks. If you have a leak call city hall so it can be fixed.

Carterville is under a boil advisory, which means residents must boil water before drinking it and boil the water before preparing food. City leaders say that could last for the next 48 to 72 hours.

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