Joplin School Board makes changes to district's coronavirus plan

JOPLIN, Mo. — The Joplin School Board is changing the district’s current coronavirus plan. Tuesday the board decided to phase Joplin High School students from the hybrid schedule back to a normal in-person schedule.

They say coronavirus numbers have been lower so they feel more comfortable moving students

Dr. Melinda Moss, Superintendent, said, “We feel comfortable that we can start phasing in our students to full time seated learning.”

For the past several months students have been going to school on an hybrid schedule because of the pandemic. Starting march first Joplin High School will start phasing students back to a normal schedule.

They’ll start with the freshman class, then add each class the following Monday and monitor if cases being to rise — if they do they will reevaluate the plan.

“We’re seeing very good trends in both Joplin city limits as well as Jasper County and Newton County numbers they are going down. They are lower than we’ve seen in months.”

Dr. Moss says they’re also seeing a drop in covid-19 cases in the classroom.

“Our high school is down to way less than 1%. The last two days it was point two percent of active cases there.”

Tuesday night the school board approved an addition to the 2021 and 2022 school year. Its called Project Lead The Way which is an automation and robotics course. It will be available for students at East, North, and South Middle Schools.

Sarah Mwangi, Joplin Schools Assistant Superintendent, said, “Adding this at the middle school level is going to allow our students an opportunity to really explore our different options. So the app creator at the eight grade level really gives them a good idea this class will help feed into some opportunities that they will see at Joplin High School.”

She says existing staff will be teaching these new classes to the students. This program will go to the three middle school’s starting next Fall.

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