Plan to get JHS students back to in-person learning passes

JOPLIN, Mo. – The Joplin School Board met tonight and voted to get students at the high school back in class full time.

The Joplin School Board discussed the proposal to get students back to class before unanimously voting to approve it Tuesday night. JHS Principal Dr. Stephen Gilbreth developed the plan to get students back. “We feel like, things have turned around and vaccines out and our numbers are down and you know, it’s, it’s time to get kids back.”

At the start of the school year, Dr. Gilbreth is the one who pushed for the A-B schedule the high school has been utilizing before school started. We spoke with one parent who has two freshmen at JHS and she isn’t convinced it’s safe enough for kids to return to class. Ashley Khadivi says “I understand the COVID numbers are down right now, but, that’s also because of a lot of the precautions that we’ve been taking, masks and social distancing, I don’t see how it’s going to be possible with that many kids.”

JHS junior Grace Goebel has similar concerns. “COVID-19 wise, if we’re looking to slow or stop the spread, I think it’s really dangerous to go back to adding 2,400 students in the same building.”

JHS Senior Connor Winters has a different take on the situation. “I think at this point it’s safer than it has been, but I still think they should wait until next year, because we don’t have very much longer to go.”

Dr. Gilbreth says he feels the plan to return is solid and the school is ready to welcome students back over the next few weeks. “I feel like if we can keep them safe, that I feel like school is important enough that kids need to be here.”

You can read the full plan below.

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