Oklahoma roads have taken a toll due to the bad weather

WYANDOTTE, Okla. — Damaging affects of the harsh Winter has taken a toll on Oklahoma roads.

Once the ice and snow thaws, it can cause stress on older pavement and road salt speeds up deterioration of concrete and steel.

Rural roads that are not paved will become overwhelmed with water and loose their ‘cap’ and start mudding up.

Newly paved roads can be damaged by salt, sand, and plowing damage from the storm.

Steven Chasteen Ottawa County City Commissioner, says, “Well you got to be prepared for it and at the same time it’s disheartening you know mother nature’s still in charge you we just have to go with it and uh get the community move around the roads the best we can as quick as we can. “

Chasteen and his crew will have to wait until the roads a re dry enough to begin fixing the damage.

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