People with arthritis are having more aches and pains with the cold weather

GALENA, Kan. — The recent freezing temperatures are causing flare ups for those living with arthritis.

An orthapedic surgeon At Mercy Clinic Orthopedics in Galena says they have been seeing a spike in patients with joint pain.

Doctors say when the weather changes it causes pressure in the atmosphere to change causing more aches and pains.

Dr. Andrew Nelson, Mercy Clinic Orthopedics, says,
“Part of its barometric change and the part of it is just the cold. So when you’re cold you’re a little more stiff. You tend to be a little less active, you’re not going outside as much and not moving around as much and even when you do you still have cold joints. Think about your hands getting freezing in cold weather. Its very hard to move them it’s the same idea when it comes to the bigger joints. With your knees and your hips shoulders, hands.”

He says there are topical creams.. prescription medications or injections that can help alleviate pain.

He recommends seeing a specialist if your joint pain is debilitating.

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