Two men from Joplin's history inducted into Baking Hall of Fame

JOPLIN, Mo. — It’s better late than never when it comes to the honor earned this week by two men who played a role in Joplin’s history.

August and Albert Junge passed away many decades ago, but this week – were inducted into the American Society of Baking Hall of Fame. August graduated from a baking institute in Chicago and opened Junge Bakery in Joplin in 1900. Albert later joined him in the business.

At one time, the company made over 260 different kinds of baking products that were sold both locally and regionally. The building the brothers built in the 20’s – at Junge and maiden lane – is still in use today by another company. Local Historian Brad Belk says August Junge played an active role in the community.

Brad Belk, MSSU Community Historian, said, “A charter member of Oak Hill, which is now Twin Hills, he was a charter member of the Joplin Rotary Club, became President in 1921, was a 33 degree Mason, and was a giver to the community, and of course, Junge name resonates in the community today with Junge Field, Junge Boulevard.”

In it’s heyday – the company operated four bakeries in each of the four states and employed 650 people. The hall of fame honor is based on both the success of the brothers – and their involvement in the community.

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