Recent weather provides a boost for 4-State delivery drivers


JOPLIN, Mo. – Andrew McKenzie is a Joplin delivery driver for multiple companies, and he says the recent cold weather has provided a big boost to his daily bottom line.

“I do about 30 (deliveries) between delivering food, grocery shopping, little items, and big items,” said Andrew.

One of Andrew’s Friday stops was at Wings N More in Joplin, and owner Vicky Jai says she’s also seen a spike in 4-Staters requesting delivery.

“The all-day sales, half are delivery,” said Vicky.

Vicky says Wings N More has been making around 25 deliveries a day lately, a considerable jump from the summer months when they did around 10 a day. Vicky even does deliveries herself in weather like this so her drivers don’t get worn out.

“All our drivers take turns. I don’t want our drivers to drive all the time. They can get tired, so every two days we get a new driver,” said Vicky.

Vicky and Andrew both agree that when it comes to delivery, safety always comes first.

“I would take it slow. Know what you’re doing before hitting the roads. It can be dangerous, so it’s probably better to leave it to the professionals that enjoy and like driving in this weather,” said Andrew.

“I tell them, ‘You’ve got to be very careful. Keep your distance. Don’t get too close to other cars,’” said Vicky.

Both Andrew and Vicky say there’s one major benefit to delivering food during cold, snowy weather: 4-Staters typically tip a lot more.


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