Evergy dispels ‘myths to give you the facts’ ahead of your next bill

PITTSBURG, Kan. – Kansas were called to conserve energy throughout the week in the midst of severe winter temperatures. The rising cost of natural gas and increased usage of electricity to stay warm has some residents worried they could see a spike in their next bill.

Evergy started dispelling rumors this morning on Twitter, informing customers.

The electric company says your rates won’t increase next month, but your bill may be higher based on the amount of electricity you used during the severely cold weather. The company says the cost you see on your electric bill varies based on how much electricity you used that month. You are charged by the kilowatt-hour.

Evergy says the average residential customer uses about 900 kilowatts each month. Very cold weather may result in higher electricity usage, especially if you use electricity to heat your home, and higher use is reflected in your bill.

“We haven’t raised the price we’re charging you, meaning your electric rates didn’t go up, you just used more electricity, so your bill is higher. If you conserved energy during the emergency, your usage would reflect that & your bill would be lower than it would have been,” said Evergy said in a tweet.

The company said programs like its Average Payment Plan can help avoid larger seasonal fluctuations and assist with budgeting.

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