Pitt State volleyball preps for first match in more than a year

PITTSBURG, Kan. – February is normally off-season training time for Pitt State volleyball.

“This would be the time of the year where we’re working on individually getting better, and then putting it together later in March,” says head coach Jen Gomez.

Instead, the Gorillas are preparing for their first match in more than a year.

“We are excited,” Gomez adds, “It’s kind of a new feeling again.”

“We’ve been anticipating this for so long,” says junior outside hitter Meg Auten, “We’re finally going to get to show people what we’ve been working so long on.”

Pitt State’s fall season was canceled in 2020 due to the pandemic.

Instead, they’ll play 14 matches this spring – beginning with two on Saturday.

“We’re going to play, and it might not be for a conference tournament or any of that, but it’s still worthwhile and it’s helping us get stronger and better every day,” Auten says.

“We’ll take whatever we can get,” Gomez adds, “It’s odd to get to play in February, but we don’t care. We’re ready play, and I’m ready to see somebody else.”

The Gorillas will use their spring schedule to compete, and see what they have heading into fall.

“There’s nothing wrong with getting some of these new kids and the young ones some experience,” Gomez says, “I want to kind of gauge where we’re at.”

Although it will be a quick turnaround to fall 2021 – it may be a blessing in disguise for PSU.

“It could just be the opportunity for us now to see what works, and then solidify that and keep working on it,” Gomez says, “Maybe it won’t hurt us. Maybe it will be great and we’ll move on. We’ll see.”

“It will be really good to get a cohesiveness going with the same people,” Auten says on the short turnaround, “We’re not going to be losing anyone. We’ll all be coming back next year, so we’ll be more comfortable playing with each other.”

Pitt State will host two matches on Saturday, playing Washburn at 10 AM and Northwest Missouri at 6:30 PM.

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