MoDOT engineer shares what the recent snowstorm has been like for his crew

As the District Engineer for MoDOT’s Southwestern corner of the Show Me State, James Hamelink appeared on the KOAM Morning News to explain how he and his team have approached snow removal and keeping road conditions clear over the past few days.

Hamelink tells us that his crew of 260+ snow removal trucks cover 14,000 lane miles of road across 21 counties in Southwestern Missouri, and that the recent storm has provided unprecedented obstacles.

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He also says that while they were able to cover the main roads on Wednesday, their gameplan for Thursday will be to do more loops on those primary arteries in the morning and then hopefully proceed to the “letter routes” before nightfall.

Each truck travels at speeds of 35-45mph while plowing the roads. Heading into his 4th year with MoDOT, Hamelink tells us that the department has a lot of new drivers this year. He also said that while they’re more experienced in salting the roads than removing snow, this recent storm has been easier for his crew than an ice storm would be.

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