Energy emergency alert removed, conservation efforts continue

JOPLIN, Mo. – Liberty Utilities and Evergy aren’t anticipating any more rolling blackouts at this time. The Southwest Power Pool removed its energy emergency alert and returned to “Conservative Operations.”

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Liberty Utilities released the following:

“ATTENTION LIBERTY ELECTRIC CUSTOMERS – 11:00 a.m., February 18, 2021 Update: Good morning and thank you! Your energy conservation efforts are working. The Southwest Power Pool (SPP) is no longer under an energy emergency alert at this time. We had no required service interruptions overnight and none are anticipated at this time. Our Peak Advisory will continue through noon tomorrow, Friday, February 19. Please continue to conserve energy. This will help maintain stability and avoid outages throughout this weather event. Our crews are prepared and ready if needed! Get energy conservation tips at www.libertyutilities.com.

Evergy also thanks customers for their patience and conservation efforts:

Evergy has resumed normal operations after severe weather created stress on the regional power grid for most of the week and the company was asked to implement controlled, temporary emergency electricity reductions Monday and Tuesday. The Southwest Power Pool has returned to “Conservative Operations,” which means customer requests for conservation are no longer needed. Evergy continues to take cold-weather precautions in its operations, as it does throughout the winter months.
“On behalf of our entire Evergy team, I want to thank our customers for their patience and support during this unprecedented extreme weather event. Together, we accomplished the overall goal of stabilizing the regional power grid and avoided broader, longer outages for customers. Thank you to our customers for helping both us and our neighboring states by conserving energy and enduring emergency outages. Our customers’ conservation efforts this week contributed to avoiding emergency outages Wednesday and Thursday, and we appreciate your efforts.”

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