Connect2Culture survey shows Joplin still wants in-person entertainment

JOPLIN, Mo. — Even with the global pandemic, many residents in Joplin want to go back to watching live entertainment, as long as everyone in attendance is taking covid-19 precautions.

Those are among the results of a survey conducted by Connect2Culture. The organization conducted an audience assessment survey via Google between January 12th and February 5th of this year. Its purpose was to gauge the community’s interest level in going back to watching forms of entertainment in person.

Emily Frankoski, Director, Connect2Culture, said, “Found out that about 51 percent that completed the survey would consider attending live indoor events in the near future um so, but of course they want precautions um so we found that many of them um were were happy to, they weren’t going to be put off by any precautions”

Frankoski says all survey results will be shared with area theatres and other entertainment organizations. She says over 500 people voluntarily participated in the survey.

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