Carterville working hard to restore water service to citizens

CARTERVILLE, Mo. — Carterville is dealing with water issues during this Winter blast.

Carterville residents have been without water since last night. Public works has beeing working on the issues for more than 24 hours and are starting to see progress.

Clifford Blanchard, Homeowner, said, “Its crazy cold to have all this problem. Its just unreal.”

More than 1,000 carterville residents have been without running water since 5 p.m. Monday night. Yesterday, the city tried pumping water from Webb City’s water source — but it stopped working — leaving some residents to find their own solution.

“We thought the water was froze and that’s when we went and got water some bottled water so when we came back from Walmart it was back on so now we just got a bunch of extra water so that just made us more prepared for this morning.”

Public works say they noticed the water tower was losing water on Monday and Tuesday they found a leak at Pine and Main Street. Tuesday afternoon crews dug up a pipe — patched the leak and covered it back up to try to pressure up the system to get water flowing to customers.

Carze Brown, Public Works Laborer, said, “Please be gentle I’m sorry we are working as hard as we can to fix this situation, just bear with us.”

He says the city’s submersible pump is broken and they will replace it Friday or next Monday. In the meantime they are pumping water from Webb City – to fill up the water tower to supply Carterville customers. Public Works says water will be restored tonight or early tomorrow. Carterville is now under a boil order until the water is tested and considered safe.

“Boil your water then you can drink it.”

He says residents are in danger of their pipes freezing because they have been without water for so long. He is asking everyone to make sure to open your cabinets to let warm air surround the pipes. The city will be giving out free bottles of water to residents Wednesday.

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