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Good early Sunday morning, everyone. Today’s the big day for all of you Chiefs fans. I’ll admit that I’m not a big football fan since St. Louis has been primarily a baseball/hockey town since I was born. However, (of course) I’m rooting for Mahomes and the Chiefs to pull off not just another win but back-to-back Super Bowl wins. That’s something I’ve never been able to say about my St. Louis Cardinals or my St. Louis Blues. If any Missouri team can pull off this feat, it’s the Chiefs. Meanwhile, we did have a cold front and an upper-level wave work through yesterday. The cold front lived up to its name as it took us from highs around 50 on Friday to lower 40s in Joplin late Saturday morning before temperatures started to drop during the afternoon.

With the upper-level wave, it helped pull in some moisture and brought us some rain showers for areas where it was warm enough late Saturday morning and some light snow showers for areas north of I-44 and Joplin where temperatures were already cold enough. Once we saw everyone turn colder in the afternoon, moisture on the backside of the system allowed an additional area of light to sometimes moderate snow to fill in for parts of Kansas and Missouri. As expected, any accumulations stayed minor before the system moved on out Saturday evening. Looking at the weather setup at the surface below, our front continues to sink well to our south while high pressure continues to build in and keep a northeast wind in place as we start the day.

Upstairs, the upper-level wave has already pushed off to the east and pushing our rounds of rain and snow well into the Ohio River Valley. The focus will now shift to the strong upper-level low centered north of Minneapolis. This will be a big player in our weather for the coming week with a number of waves to watch and some Arctic air to come late in the week.

For today, plan on it being a cold day and a mostly cloudy day. While we stay dry to start the day out, the northeast wind at 5-15 (gusts near 25 in spots at times) means we’ll start in the middle to upper teens across the region.

Throughout the day, we’ll stay mainly dry under mostly cloudy skies. Even with the clouds in play, a southeast breeze at noon and a southerly breeze for the rest of the afternoon should be just enough to send highs around the Joplin area near 34. While areas close to Joplin and I-44 south could sneak into the lower to middle 30s today, our northern areas will fare a bit colder with highs between 24 and 30. Even though the Future Track is showing a few possible snow echoes for a few spots in the area by this afternoon, I’m not going to rule out a stray, light snow shower or some snow flurries for the afternoon.

It’s nice to know that the Chiefs won’t have to play in the cold. While we stay cold and cloudy up here, the Chiefs are still set to take on Tampa Bay with much warmer temperatures at Raymond James Stadium. While the game could start with some light showers around, much of the game should be mainly dry under cloudy skies.

Back here, the reason for a few flurries or a quick, light snow shower will be due to another quick wave that will pass mainly to our north. While that keeps any good snow chances north of us across northeast Kansas, northern Missouri and central Missouri, we won’t rule out a few flurries or a random, light snow shower somewhere in our region.

I’m seeing the next best shot for rain and snow holding off until Monday. While some questions do remain about how temperatures will fare across the area and where the rain and snow will set up, any expected accumulations of rain and snow still look fairly light. Due to the limited moisture and this wave not looking too strong, I expect any snow potential to be low with any amounts staying under an inch. It’s something we’ll still keep an eye on as this is one of quite a number of waves we’ll watch work around that potent upper low to our north.

For late Tuesday and early Wednesday, we have the potential to see another fast wave work into the region with a mix of rain, sleet and snow looking like the preferred precipitation modes at this time. Like the wave on Monday, we’ll keep the chances at 30% and keep any potential accumulations with that on the light side. Like Monday’s wave, we’ll also keep an eye on that as well.

After we spend most of Wednesday morning and Wednesday afternoon on a quiet and cold note, we’ll watch for another wave to rotate around the low to the north and head our way. This looks like another chance for wintry weather (either snow or a snow/sleet mix) that we’ll keep an eye on.

As we get next weekend underway, it looks like we’ll stay quiet to start things off. While we stay mostly cloudy for Friday and turn partly sunny for Saturday, just look at the upper low to our north. Even though it wants to work into northern parts of Minnesota, this low wants to bring in some Arctic air that’s breaking away from the Polar Vortex closer to the Arctic Circle. With some of the Arctic air working in ,we’ll have lows in the single digits (around 8 for Friday and around 3 for Saturday) and highs only topping out near 20 for Friday and Saturday.

If you’re curious to see how long this wave of Arctic air wants to stick around and see the other storm systems lining up over the next several weeks, Doug has you covered with his long range forecast down below.

Have a great Sunday and… Let’s Go, Chiefs!!


February 14th-20th:  A cold Valentine’s day for us with a storm system that could give us some snow on Sunday and Monday.  Staying cool all week long with some moderation in temperatures as we work through the week.  We will see slight chances for rain or snow on Thursday, but better chances by Saturday.

February 21st-27th: We’re looking at cool temperatures for the first part of the week. We’ll turn briefly colder for Thursday before we turn cool for Friday and mild for Saturday. Rain chances will be around on Sunday before another system sneaks in by the middle of the week. That will give us slight snow chances Tuesday, slight rain and snow chances Wednesday and slight snow chances for Thursday.

February 28th-March 6th: Sunday looks mild before we turn cooler on Monday and cold for Tuesday and Wednesday. A brief mild spell for Thursday and Friday before we cool back down on Saturday. A system early in the week will have rain chances for Sunday and Monday. We’ll watch for slight rain and snow chances on Wednesday and slight rain chances on Friday.

March 7th-13th:  A cool start to the week with some showers on Sunday and Monday.  Warming up the second half of the week with rain on Thursday and Friday.

March 14th-20th:  Rain or snow chances on Sunday.  Cool on Sunday and Monday with mild temperatures the rest of the week.  Rain chances back in on Wednesday.

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